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Security Technology

There is a war out there, one between security experts charged with the responsibility of protecting the physical security of our buildings, our personnel, our data and our equipment.  There is also a battle against cyber-criminals who threaten to compromise the integrity of data for different entities which has become a a big cat and mouse game.

The increasing digital connectivity and the automation of virtually all processes in the world of business throughout the whole value chain have led to the creation of agility.  This has also led to the development of extremely high levels of threat and significantly raised the risk of cybersecurity.

The building of cyber-security into applications is critical in addressing such risks, as well as all the devices that are interconnected from the very beginning. 


On Tech Today TV, we showcase the emerging technologies that will boost the security of our buildings, of our personnel and of our information systems from being compromised by hackers.

Some technologies are encompassed in deep learning, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. There is a significant deal of interest for purposes of systems security in these technologies.


Deep learning, just like behavior analytics, focuses on anomalous behavior. Whenever AI and machine learning systems are fed with the right data regarding potential systems security threats, they can make decisions on how to prevent hacks depending on their immediate environment without any human input.

Security Technology