Renewable Energy


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The Science of Wind & Energy

The Science of Wind & Energy  brings you the Cohocton Wind Farm which overlooks the lush farmland of Cohocton, NY, taking advantage of the significant wind resource rolling over the hills. The 50 wind turbines that make up the project generate up to 125 MW of clean, safe energy - that’s enough electricity to power about 50,000 homes annually. The project is helping New York State move closer to its goal of 30% renewable energy sources by 2018.
A Nine Week Series

Amonix - Solar Power and Clean Energy

Amonix is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) commercial solar power systems.  Based on advanced photovoltaic solar cells developed for use in outer space, the Amonix commercial solar power system requires no water for power production and uses land more efficiently – all while producing more energy per acre than any other solar energy technology.
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